Use freeBO to offer your boats to thousands of charter agencies worldwide. Grant them access to view or even edit (add options, add booking) your booking plan. Make them offers or specials directly or with our internal mailing system. You can add as many bases, boats, prices, bookings, pictures, equipement, extras as you want.

For Charter Companies
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Manage bases and checkin locations
Get a detailed overview of you boats, bookings and prices in your booking plan with lot's of search options
Manage all type of requests from your partner agencies
Add/Edit unlimited number of boats
Edit prices and bookings of all your boats
Edit extra's of your base and add them to your boats
Edit equipement of your boats
Edit discounts (base and boat discounts are available)
Manage all your partner agencies (grant/deny them access to your booking plan + more detailed options)
Add specials and offer them your partner agencies
Write mass mailings to your partner agencies
Use JSON-API to integrate external software and services
Upload images and videos for your boats

Use freeBO to get access to data of more than 10.000 charter boats worldwide. Use these information for your daily business.

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Find boats (including prices and availabilities) worldwide, filtered by companies
Place options and bookings directly into charter companies booking plans
Receive offers and specials from our charter companies
Stay in touch with our charter companies with an intelligent mailing system
Search Yachts worldwide by lots of query parameters
Download pricelists and booking table sheets